Reveal the hidden face of the city!

Download the application
and let the adventure begin!



Be part of the adventure!



Explore the city!



Challenge yourself!

Be part of the adventure!

Mistory is a location-based game, walking you through the city by using your phone’s GPS. While you explore the city with Mistory, you can become part of an engaging Story, have fun and solve challenging puzzles and riddles. In order to play you need to download the application, choose a Story and go to the starting point. After you dowloaded the application and a Story no internet connection is required!



Explore the city!

Once you’ve downloaded the application, you can enter our Story Library and choose from several Stories. Have you ever thought about solving a murdercase, preventing a Secret Masonic’s meeting or becoming a revolutionist? Play with us, get into the skin of the characters and let us transform the streets and square of the city into a play-field.

You love to write?

Write your own Story!


Challenge yourself!

Solve the puzzles, riddles and exciting brain- teasers to get step-by-step closer to the solution. Test your skills and intelligence, use your creativity and explore the hidden face of the city. Whether you play alone or with your friends/co-workers/family – Mistory provides an unforgettable experience for everyone.



If the city could speak…

You thought you knew everything about the place where you live? Or your city is still an undiscovered area for you?
Mistory reveals the secrets of the city.

Become a part of the fascinating stories walking on the streets of the city. Mistory opens up an invisible world, hidden from ordenary people. Follow the mysterious paths, solve the puzzles,and complete the missions.

Download the app

and invite your friends to a real adventure!


Do you want your own Story?

You can easily and quickly create your own history in our Story Creator. Accept the challenge and write the bestseller of Mistory!

You need a Story, but you’d rather give the job to professionals? Drop us an email on and we will solve your problem. címen!

Let’s create!

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Mistory Budapest Térkép

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"It changes a boring sightseeing tour into a Dan Brown novel. In their game sightseeing is combined with detective stories, that's how they walk us through the interesting places. Meanwhile we have to solve brainteasers, puzzles and other mysteries on our phone."
— Zsolt Hanula, index